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Being the internet’s first and foremost source of English language news on the Japanese Real Estate market we generate a LOT of traffic. Our website is structured to provide maximal exposure to your campaigns. Get in contact now to discuss your marketing goals and how you might benefit from leveraging the JRE platform.

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It was estimated that nearly $10bn was spent on display advertisement in 2016. With such heavy investment globally, it is clear that marketers still see it as an effective strategy. At $79.38 Billion Google’s ad revenue alone was nearly 10x more than total investment in the same calendar year. After nearly 25 years, display ads still represent great value for money overall.

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There is a consistent trend in the growth of banner ad usage and the priority placed on them in marketing budgets. Growth rates in budget allocations for display advertisement had risen from 33% to 44% between 2015 and 2016.


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The main goal of display advertising is to generate impressions- the number of times your audience see your ads. The more exposure you can obtain, the more likely your marketing efforts will be rewarded. Influencing an extended target audience will lead to consideration for the products and services your institution offers and greater potential for attracting customers with genuine interest.

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With a branding banner campaign, it is not essential that viewers click on the ad immediately as short term results are not a top desirable factor. The objective is to ensure that a company’s name and website, products and services become so familiar that this in itself will “pull” a target audience to visit the URL website address and keep coming back.


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Click through banner ad campaigns offer the opportunity to make a valuable connection with a targeted audience on the most direct level possible. Call for action messages are a useful tool in directing a targeted audience to your website. Humour and a sharing tactic are also useful tools. Here a click through banner ad can make the process of establishing a connection more emotive or personal with the aim of acquiring attention and eliciting a reaction, whilst at the same time sending out a subtle message; “come and visit our website”.

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The top three ad formats comprise nearly 80% of all served ads online last year and the large rectangle (336×280) has the highest average CTR (0.33%)


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Working with a member of our team directly, or via your own media coordinators we will assist you in putting together the optimal marketing campaign across our online properties to maximise engagement with your advertisements and content.

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Alongside your campaigns on social media and your own online properties you should look to leverage our access to the international real estate investor community. Our consistently high levels of traffic and user engagement are testament to our high standards and commitment to producing relevant, quality content.


Advertising Packages

Advertising packages tailored to your specific marketing objectives. Work with us to maximise your engagement online and generate traffic, interest, awareness and sales. Speak to a member of our team today to start creating an effective marketing plan on the JRE platform.

A starter pack to get exposure to the real estate investor audience
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Feature prominently in the high-traffic areas of our site.
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High impact advertising fully maximising our platform
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