BankingInstitutionalOne-third of San’in Joint Bank to introduce lunch break

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While the tough business environment continues in the banking industry as a result of prolonged low-interest rates, the San’in Yokohama Bank, which has its head office in Matsue City and has about one – third of the total stores since April, has strengthen their policy by introducing lunch breaks at window services in 49 branches.

Lunch break will last an hour from 11:30 am during their daily shift from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and their services at the window will be closed during this time.

In the branch office, however, there is still a policy to maintain consultation via video chat, etc. so as to not impair the user’s convenience.

Since it would be no longer necessary to coordinate staff coverage at noontime and operational efficiency will be guaranteed by a smaller number of employees, ideally, this will lead to an enhancement of the sales force and other advantages.

Banks that introduced lunch breaks at the window service for better efficiency are successively nationwide, including the Iyo Bank in Ehime Prefecture and Toho Bank in Fukushima Prefecture.

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