EconomyAlthough Chinese tourists increases over Lunar New Year, their shopping spree has decreased

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There are many predictions that estimate the number of Chinese tourists visiting Japan in accordance with the Chinese New Year ‘s “Spring Festival” will exceed that of last year.

According to the Tourism Agency, the Chinese travelers visiting Japan in February with long consecutive holidays tailored to the Spring Festival exceeded the previous year by 40% -over 710,000 last year- but many of the other companies involved with Chinese travels are seeing that the number will increase even further. 

As a background to this, in addition to relaxing the requirement to issue visas to the university for college students from last month, in response to the conflict between the US and China over trade problems, there’s a tendency to choose Japan over the US as a popular destination. 

On the other hand, there is also a change in the consumption of Chinese tourists and their “shopping spree”. 

Last year, the total amount consumed by Chinese travelers in Japan was 1,535 billion yen, accounting for one-third of all foreign tourists, but per capita consumption declined to the lowest in 4 years. 

Last year, it decreased by nearly 3% from the previous year to 226,340 yen per capita, and it placed fourth behind Australia and Spain etc. 

The Tourism Agency said that “We’d like to carefully watch over how much influence will be reflected in the consumption of Chinese tourists during the Spring Festival of the year as the trade friction between the United States and China is intensifying”.

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