EconomyConference on the advancement of Japanese companies in Russian territories

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As both Japan and Russia are willing to expand economic cooperation towards the progress of peace treaty negotiations, an event was held in Tokyo to attract Japanese companies into Russian provinces.

This event was held to attract Japanese investment to Russian provinces where the advancement of Japanese companies was limited so far, and the eight municipalities in Russia have promoted the characteristics of their industry and business environment. 

Among them, the Sverdlovsk state in the central part- located between Europe and Asia- is recruiting enterprises engaged in cutting-edge technologies such as medicine. 

In company interviews, both parties in Nikko introduced business contents and consulted concrete methods of entering the market. 

One person in charge of a wearable terminal maker in Tokyo, who met with an IT company in the Far East Vladivostok said, “It was my first time to talk with Russian companies, but I was surprised that we are putting more emphasis on the IT industry itself rather than focusing on winning over Silicon Valley “.

According to the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), the number of visits to Russia by local enterprises has increased over the past year while the interest in an exchange with Japan has increased. 

A Russian government agency official in charge of promoting investment in rural areas said that “by proceeding with economic cooperation, any problems between the two countries can be solved.”

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