EconomyHonda is withdrawing from UK, is Brexit the cause?

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British television stations reported that Honda, a major automobile manufacturer, has strengthened its policy of closing a factory in southern Britain by 2022. Although Honda has not commented so far, it tells the view that several local media are behind the withdrawal from EU = European Union.

Although detailed information such as reasons for closing is not clarified, this shows the opinion that several local media are backing the fact that the influence of the EU withdrawal approaching on the 29th of next month cannot be predicted. 

In addition, the local elected member of the House of Representatives told the media that “production at this factory is over and from my understanding, it will be transferred to Japan and there should be an official announcement shortly.” 

Honda has not commented on NHK’s interview for now. 

At the Honda factory last year, 160 thousand passenger cars were produced – approximately 10% of the UK automobile industry as a whole – employing around 3,500 people. 

Even after departing from the EU on the site there is an increasing spread that believes it will be a major blow to the economy.

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