EconomyLast year’s employment rate reach second highest

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According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the average effective job offering ratio in the last year is 1.61 times, rising by 0.11 points compared to the previous year, the second highest after 1.76 times in 1972.

In addition, the effective job offering ratio in December last year was 1.63 times the same as the previous month, except for seasonal fluctuation factors. 

By prefecture, the highest was ▽ 2.15 times in Tokyo, ▽ followed by Hiroshima Prefecture 2.09 times, ▽ Fukui Prefecture 2.07 times, etc. 

On the other hand, ▽ the lowest was 1.22 times in Hokkaido, then it became 1.23 times in Kanagawa and Okinawa Prefectures, etc. It has exceeded 1 time in all prefectures for 27 consecutive months. 

Meanwhile, the number of new job offers has decreased by 5.7% compared with the same month in the previous year. By industry, ▽ “Transportation business, postal industry” increased 0.8%, ▽ “construction industry” increased 0.4%, but decreased 11.3% in “accommodation business, restaurant service business” and 9.6% in the service industry. 

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said, “Although the number of new hires has decreased compared to the same month last year, the number of job offers tends to increase with the recovery of the economy on the background. Meanwhile, as employment progresses, the number of job seekers is decreasing, and a high level of effective employment is expected to continue in the future. “

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