EconomyJapanNew app for virtual currency gained through social contribution

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Gain your own electronic coins by measuring individual contribution to society such as volunteer activities and donation. A venture company in Tokyo relies on virtual currency to start a new service.

This service began by “Social Action Company”, an IT venture company in Tokyo. 

NPOs and companies that use services will display projects that will solve social problems, such as eradication of poverty and nature conservation on a dedicated application to recruit volunteer activities and donations. 

Activities involved vary from educational support of children to toilet maintenance in areas affected by disasters, and for those who responded, they will receive electronic coins based on the level of their contribution, the nature of the activities and the amount of the donations.

In order to prevent fraudulent activities, the system is characterized by the blockchain technology which became the basis of the virtual currency. Coins can be exchanged for goods that are considered social and eco-friendly.

On Feb. 19th, a large number of NPOs and corporate personnel attended the briefing session held in Tokyo which was met with high interest.
Mr Masataka Sato of “Social Action Company” said, “I would like to contribute to a better society by connecting  NPOs and companies that are doing wonderful activities with individuals who would like to contribute to them.”

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