EconomySupermaket sales decreased for 3 consecutive years because of online orders

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The sales of major supermarkets nationwide last year decreased for the third year in a row, caused by the impact of clothing sales declining due to the competition with online shopping.

According to the Japan Chain Stores Association, sales from leading supermarkets in Japan -totaling 1,0447- last year were about 12 trillion 988.3 billion yen or more. Among them, comparing the sales of comparable shops, it was 0.2% lower than the previous year, and it decreased for the third consecutive year. 

By product, “food items”, which accounted for two-thirds of the sales, increased 0.4% as drinks and groceries were sold due to the heat wave and other factors, while “clothing items” fell sharply to a minus 5.3%. This is mainly because garments are being sold by online shopping and specialty shops, and that the sales of coats and such were not affected by the warm winter trend. 

The Japan Chain Stores Association says, “There are many national events such as the reform and the rugby world cup this year, but opportunities and risks such as the consumption tax rate increase and the US-China trade war, etc.  are running side by side for the Japanese economy, we have to keep the focus on these influences. “

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