EconomyUber to launch app service in Osaka

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Access to the taxi dispatch service of the American company Uber using smartphone’s application in Osaka started from Jan. 23rd.

“Uber” announced a new service by holding a press conference with Osaka Moriguchi City partner, “Future City” in Osaka city. 

According to it, when a user calls a taxi by entering his location and a destination through the application on the smartphone, an approximate fee is displayed and taxis nearby are dispatched. 

Payment can be done by credit card even if the driver can not speak a foreign language, support will be provided. 

From Jan.23rd, the service started with about 500 taxis operating mainly in Osaka city. Also, there is a Japanese version of the app as it aims to attract not only foreign tourists but also Japanese clients. 

As a result of the fact that 75 million people around the world, mainly in the United States and Europe, are using Uber’s app, Masayoshi Sasai of the “Future City” says, “Osaka is expanding through the Expo and IR and people are expected to visit. I would like to use taxis comfortably like in my home country and lead to better satisfaction. ” 

Regarding the taxi dispatch service app industry, September last year saw Chinese company “DiDi” making way in Osaka jointly with SOFTBANK, and while foreign tourists have increased, the number of entries is still constantly growing.

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