EconomyWhat new graduates are looking for in the companies

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A fair was held to encourage students and companies to discuss future job hunting practices, and students asked for correspondence that is not bound by conventional practices such as recruiting new graduates all together.

Approximately 70 students and personnel officials of about 80 companies participated in the events held by Tokyo Minato-ku for companies that assist employment support. 

Participants are divided into groups and discussed within themselves on how to proceed with job hunting efficiently and with expectancy for their career. “I want to acquire skills by experiencing different types of roles” was one of the general opinions from the graduates.

One of the students who participated stated that “Because of the stressful graduate recruitment, failure is not an option” another student said, “I hope that university students will be able to find jobs anytime”. 

Human resources officials of IT companies said that “students’ values are changing for job descriptions and job hunting activities, they have to create an environment where they can feel accomplished.” 

Regarding job hunting activities, Keidanren decided not to abide to the so-called hiring rules after Spring 2021, but in the meantime and for the foreseeable future, in order to avoid confusion, the schedule of the recruitment process for senior university students will be held from June.

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