InstitutionalE-commerce site “Rakuten Market” to unify the shipping system

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“Rakuten Market” is now aiming to unify the postage system which is different for each store.

Rakuten President Hiroshi Mikitani expressed this on Jan. 30th at an event for stores. 

In the Rakuten Ichiba, the shipping cost of each item is left to the judgment of each store, and it also goes according to each store in which cases the shopper is charged or when the shipping is free after a certain amount of purchase. 

On this matter, there’s an effort to unify the shipping system except for some refrigerated and frozen items, and grant free shipping after a certain amount spent.

After listening to the opinions on shops’ side, they are considering which will be the standard of free shipping and how much Rakuten will pay for it free. 

In e-commerce, the rival “Amazon” usually has a structured system of shipping fees except for some cases, such as free shipping on purchase of over 2,000 yen. 

In Rakuten, we decided to unify our system as well, given the fact that it is more difficult for users to understand our shipping fees compared to Amazon, which leads to customer dissatisfaction. 

There is a possibility that the burden of the user may be reduced after its establishment, but depending on the criteria there is a possibility that the shipping cost burden on the shop side may increase, so it is likely to call for further discussion.

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