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Nomura Holdings, the largest securities company, officially announced that it will acquire Orion beer headquartered in Okinawa Prefecture in collaboration with an investment fund in the United States. The Orion side also agreed with the acquisition, and it is said that the management team will make a part of the investment, and it is their policy to strengthen overseas development and such in the future.

According to the announcement, Nomura Holdings and American investment fund Carlyle Group will purchase all shares from Orion beer shareholders through a jointly established new company. 

Specifically, from Tuesday 24th to March 22nd, the plan is to purchase TOB = Takeover bid, so that the buying price will reach 57 billion yen. 

The Orion side also agreed with the acquisition, and in the future, Mr. Yoshio Kadekaru will also partly invest in the new company and maintain the brand. 

In addition, Asahi Breweries, the largest shareholder of the company, also said it will invest in the new company and maintain cooperative relationships in domestic sales and production. 

Nomura Holdings is focusing on acquiring companies to promote growth, and then focusing on businesses that will benefit from listed stocks, and this acquisition is part of this plan. 

From now on, Nomura’s network will be adopted to strengthen the overseas expansion and development of new products, and the listing of Orion beer will be taken into consideration in the future as well.

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