EconomyInstitutionalTEPCO and Chubu Electric Power Company Integrated under Chubu VP Onoda

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In April, Chubu Electric Power’s Vice President Onoda assumed office as president of the company that TEPCO and Chubu Electric Power Co. ‘s thermal power generation department integrated and formed, and they expressed willingness to supply affordable electricity at the press conference.

Tokyo Electric Power Company and Chubu Electric Power Company have gradually shifted the thermal power generation division to “JERA” jointly established in 2015. After the completion of the integration in April, the thermal power generation capacity which accounts for half of the domestic scale. 

Chubu Electric Power’s vice president Satoshi Onoda will be appointed the president of this company in the press conference on Feb. 4th.

“If we can deliver competitively priced electricity by demonstrating the integration effect, consumers will also benefit,” said Mr. Onoda, who is motivated to supply affordable electricity by making the most of its scale.

Mr. Onoda said, “We will fade out old coal-fired power and are looking to head towards renewable energy” and expressed the idea of gradually reducing power generation by coal and promoting investment in renewable energy such as wind power.

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