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InvestmentA Good Time To Buy Japanese Real Estate? Dollar/Yen Exchange Rate, 112 Yen To The Dollar In No Time! “Yen Depreciation” Goes On And On

Japanese Real Estate February 24, 2020
Could this be a good time to buy Japanese investments such as Japanese real estate? With a weak yen, your US dollars, Euros (€), etc. will now buy several percent more here than they did just a month or so ago. The yen is considered a “safe haven” currency. How long will this period of cheap yen last? The dollar/yen exchange rate was even weaker on Thursday, the 20th. It rose to 112.23 yen to...

InvestmentHere’s A Second Way To Make A Billion Yen!

Japanese Real Estate February 14, 2020
Yūsaku Maezawa, the 43-year-old Japanese businessman who’s worth US$2 billion and is known by the Twitter name “yousuck2020,” is offering ¥1 billion (US$9.11 million) to entrepreneurs (not just one entrepreneur, but many of them). He’s the founder of the online retailer ZOZOTOWN, and in addition to that, is famous for writing the most-retweeted post of all time on Twitter (with no qualifiers). He’s a social media master. This time, also on Twitter, he tweeted to...

InvestmentJapanese Automobile Giant Toyota Invests $400,000,000 In Maker Of Flying Cars

Japanese Real Estate January 17, 2020
Toyota is investing $400,000,000 in Joby Aviation. Joby Aviation is a company that already has a helicopter-like electric vehicle with several rotors and VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) technology, that can carry four passengers. Now, they are working on commercializing flying cars, and these flying cars are planned to be electric, so not only will they fly, they’ll be carbon-neutral, as well. ↑Joby Aviation’s Website Now that both companies are working together, with Toyota investing...

InvestmentTrade (Excluding Oil) Between Japan And United Arab Emirates Exceeded $131 Billion During 2009-2019

Japanese Real Estate January 15, 2020
During the period 2009-2019, non-oil trade between Japan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) reached over $131 billion. To be precise, it totaled 481.34 billion UAE Dirhams. This was not even counting the oil trade. The UAE is in Japan’s top five oil trading partners (having delivered 32.24 million barrels of crude oil between January and October of last year according to Tokyo’s Agency of Energy and Natural Resources), yet none of that trade even...
Morocco And Japan Make Investment Deal

InvestmentMorocco And Japan Make Investment Deal

The Japanese state minister for foreign affairs, Keisuke Suzuki and the Moroccan minister delegate to the minister of foreign affairs, Mohcine Jazouli, sat down and inked a deal. It is called the “Agreement Between Japan And The Kingdom Of Morocco For The Promotion And Protection Of Investment” (shorthand: The Japan-Morocco Investment Agreement). It will protect and promote investment between Japan and Morocco even more so than in the past. It deals with how one signatory...
Finance Minister Taro Aso: Japan’s Economy Continuing To Grow

InvestmentFinance Minister Taro Aso: Japan’s Economy Continuing To Grow

Until December, economists believed that Japan’s economy had only grown an annualized 0.2% during the period of July-September, 2019. However, good news for investors: now, they are revising their estimates. They now believe that it grew by an annualized 1.8%. Reuters in Tokyo reported the remarks of the Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso, which he made on Tuesday. According to Aso, the economic situation in Japan continues to improve and get back on track, though...