Investment“110 Investment risks number” free legal phone consultation

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“Nationwide simultaneous investment damage 110” is the line where lawyers respond to telephone consultation free of charge, with consumer troubles and investment over investment, such as the so-called “owner business law” and futures trading will be launched on the Feb 18.

Lawyers who are familiar with consumer issues are opening this telephone consultation. “We paid nearly 5 million yen after being asked to buy corporate bonds, but that company has disappeared, what should I do?” enquiries like these were frequently asked in Tokyo.

Regarding these investments, we have developed the “Owner Commercial Law”, which states that if you become the owner of a product you can obtain a high dividend, and in addition to “Japan Life” and “Kefir Business Promotion Organization” all under bankruptcy proceedings. Many trading companies collect funds due to the nominal investment in futures trading or undisclosed stocks, and the reality is that the risks are constantly present.

This telephone consultation is accepted at 23 places nationwide starting from the 18th, and the telephone number is
▽ Tokyo 03-3501-8921,
▽ Aichi 052-223-2355
etc., etc.

In addition, there are areas where telephone consultation is carried out on another schedule, with the details to be confirmed on the homepage of “Futures trading damage nationwide research group”. 

Kenichiro Yoshimura, a lawyer who held a telephone consultation reassured “If you think something is wrong, do not hesitate to contact us.”

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