InvestmentA Great Web Tool For Real Estate Investors: Open Site To Check Vacancy Information From Map

4003 min

Housecom Co., Ltd. opened a rental property information site that allows “map search” on December 25.

When the map for a desired area is displayed, vacancies are displayed as red house marks. By clicking on the mark, you can check the outline of the property such as rent and floor plan, and it is linked to the details page. It enables flexible searches that are not limited to the conventional rent or how many minutes it takes to walk from the station.

This is a very useful tool for real estate investors. It is one more way for them to verify what the vacancy rates are like in a specific area. Of course tenancy rates in the 23 Special Wards currently average about 95% (98% for commercial real estate), but of course, there is some variation, and particulary in the outlying areas where returns on investment (ROIs) are higher, vacancy might be higher, as well. By typing in the prefecture and the station or city name, one can click on the red house icons and see which buildings have vacancies and which have none.

Of course, having only existed for about six days now, the data is not exactly complete, yet. However, bookmark it and give it time. It has great promise and already shows many vacancies. In the following screenshot, we search for vacancies in Minato-ku, where our office is located:

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