EconomyInvestmentStrong financial results leads to Tokyo stock market rise

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The Tokyo stock market and stock prices on Jan. 25th are rising. Following the strong financial results of American semiconductor companies, buy orders are issued in the Tokyo stock market as related stocks.

At the Nikkei Stock Average, the closing price in the morning was 209 yen and 4 sen higher than the closing price on the 24th. 
TSE stock index = topics rose 14.49 to 1567.09. 
The volume in the morning was 666.1 million shares. 

Market officials stated, “With the announcement of strong financial results thanks to semiconductor-related enterprises in the US, buy orders are increasing mainly in the Tokyo market, especially on brands about electronic parts and such. Even China -Shanghai- and other leading Asian markets are somehow relieved about the increase of stock prices in a time of excessive caution against the slowdown of the world economy”.

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