InvestmentTokyo stock market Nikkei average has a small price move

9841 min

The Tokyo stock market and stock prices on Feb. 1st have led to a small price move.

The Nikkei Stock Average and the closing price in the morning are 23,772 yen higher than the closing price on the 31st, at 27,97.24 yen. 
TSE stock index = topics decreased by 0.61, 1566.88. 
The volume in the morning is 721.31 million shares. 

Market officials said, “Although there were many buy orders after the commencement of trading, the private survey results on the manufacturing industry in China that was announced in the morning were lower than the market forecast, mainly from companies with a lot of transactions in China. We are increasing the number of selling orders, and the situation is on selling and buying.”

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