JapanAre you tired of standing, packed into a crowded commuter train like a sardine? Ride an extremely high-class morning bus!

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Nestlé is offering a new way to get to work. It is far more elegant than the other public transportation options.

Between Monday and Friday, every morning, millions of commuters stream into the 23 Special Wards of Tokyo. It is usually not much fun to ride a train at rush hour. Demo, shōganai ne? Downtown Tokyo has so many office buildings, and most workers start working in them around 9:00 AM. Workers have no choice but to contort themselves into uncomfortable positions and hold onto a strap for dear life for an hour or so when getting to work.

How does riding on an extremely high-class bus, in which you can sit the whole way, sound instead of the aforementioned commuter trains? Such a thing will exist from next month, and some commuters will be able to reach downtown Tokyo that way.

The bus is a project between Nestlé and the KM company, which normally runs tourist buses. The bus will start at 8:00 AM from Ikebukuro Station, and will arrive at Tokyo Station appoximately 40 minutes later. The bus will be called “YuGa” (the Japanese word for elegance is yūga, or 優雅). Not one person on the bus will be standing and holding a strap or a rail, because only those with a reserved seat may ride. Seats will be extra comfortable; passengers may recline or use a foot rest. There will be USB ports so that they can charge their smart phones, tablets, etc. Each of the ten passengers (the seats are quite spacious so only ten passengers may ride the bus at a time) will be offered slippers and blankets for extra comfort. For some, this could mean up to 40 minutes of extra sleep during the morning commute.

Would you really want to sleep for the whole 40 minutes, though? You would have to be pretty desperate to sleep through your breakfast! The options are Swiss-, Mexican-, and English-style breakfasts. The English-style breakfast will include sausages, while the Mexican one will include huevos rancheros, and the Swiss one will include nattō on rice with a raw egg and a cup of green tea.

Haha! Gotcha! We were just trying to see if you were paying attention. No, the Swiss one will actually include sliced meat and cheese.

This being a joint venture between KM and Nestlé, Nestlé Excella coffee will also be provided. There is also a bathroom with a mirror in case you need to use it, either for things not worthy of mention in this article, or to put on makeup and perfume and fix your hair so that you can look as elegant as possible.

Oh, and—the YuGa Bus will cost ¥0 to ride! Don’t get your hopes up, though, because it is only available on a specific range of dates, and only to ten people at a time who win the YuGa’s lottery drawing. It will run on the 2nd, 9th, 10th, 17th, and 18th of December, which is only five days. Still, we are sure that it will be very popular, even if it is only temporary and the competition rate is very high.


(the images were taken from the YuGa official website)