JapanElderly Resident of Tokyo Steals 159 Bicycle Seats in Order to Get “Revenge”

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In the summer of last year, an elderly man named Akio Hatori, who was living in Ōta Ward, wanted to go out for a ride on his bike. Unfortunately, someone had stolen his bicycle seat.

He then had to buy another bicycle seat. This made him very angry, and this anger was exacerbated by the fact that whoever had stolen his bicycle seat had probably just done it to make life difficult for Hatori, as there is no known black market for bicycle seats, and probably no need to steal one. Whoever did it was probably just trying to annoy other people.

Autumn came, and Mr. Hatori was still angry. He had earlier decided that he wanted revenge, and had started a bicycle seat-stealing spree! He ended up stealing a total of 159 bicycle seats by early October.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department in Kamata Precinct were on the case. They analyzed security camera footage from August 29, noticing not only him removing a bicycle seat and putting it into the basket of his bicycle, then riding off, but that the basket contained multiple seats. They apprehended Hatori! When they raided his home, they found 159 bicycle seats there; he had kept every single one of them.

There was a Japanese press conference. They lined up all the bicycle seats he had stolen, arranging them by color from light brown to black. Hatori was quoted as saying “I wanted other people to feel what I had gone through, and I stole the seats as a form of revenge.” What will become of Mr. Hatori, now?