JapanHappy ‘Good Meat Day’! The Burger Chain Lotteria Will Sell Hamburgers Made from Deer Meat

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Would you like to try a new type of hamburger?

McDonald’s is very famous for its various new, original burgers. However, Lotteria has its fair share, as well. Lotteria is a fast food chain owned by the South Korean Lotte Corporation, which opened the first Lotteria store in the world in Tokyo in 1972. They invented the shrimp burger in the ’70s, which McDonald’s, MOS Burger, and others have imitated since then.

Lotteria came up with a holiday called “Good Meat Day,” which has been going for several years. What is the origin of “Good Meat Day?” you ask. Well, November 29 is the date of this holiday, which, if written Japanese- or North American-style, is 11/29. “11” looks like “ii” (which is Japanese for “good”) and “29” can be pronounced “ni-ku,” which also means “meat.” For this holiday, Lotteria has had Angus beef burgers in the past, as well as Matsuzaka beef burgers. This year, they have a burger made from the meat of a deer.

They have had this type of burger before. Previously, such a burger was released only in Hokkaido, and another such burger saw a limited release earlier this year. Both product trials were so successful, Lotteria decided to release their venison burger for an extra Happy “Good Meat Day.” Venison, as well as being delicious and have a unique taste (different from beef and pork), is also lower in fat and calories. You should try it!

The patty is made of 60% venison, with the remainder being breadcrumbs and spices such as nutmeg. It will be covered in a ragu sauce. This sauce will have even more venison, as well as garam masala and various spices. It will have a very special taste.

It will cost 620 yen when it goes on sale on November 29 at 123 locations nationwide. This is about $6.63 in US dollars. It will be called the “Wild Game Burger.” It might be released as early as 11/22 at some specific locations, and the end date is as-of-yet unknown, but will probably be posted on Lotteria’s website.