JapanIn Japan, Company’s New Policy Prohibits Its Workers from Licking Their Fingers Before Touching Papers, Money

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Spit belongs in your mouth, not on items that are going to be touched by others, according to one taxi corporation.

Sanwa Kotsu, a taxi company headquartered in Yokohama, has made headlines before for its funny, ideosyncratic ideas. For example, you can call a taxi driven by a ninja. You can even call a taxi driven by someone with a black mask over his face who looks like a kabuki stagehand.

Sanwa Kotsu has a Twitter account, and recently, on that Twitter account, it shared a memo that it distributed to its employees. Sanwa Kotsu, after all, wants to maintain and improve excellent customer service and keep its image as a respectable taxi company.


Twitter Tweet Sanwa Kotsu company salvia Japan

(from sanwa_taxi Twitter account)

“To: Everyone related to the Sanwa Kotsu company”

From this point forward, the following actions are prohibited when handling any documents or papers:

The application to the fingertips of transparent liquids secreted by the salivar glands, oral muciparous glands, or elsewhere in the oral cavity to the fingertips prior to the repagination of paper documents or currency.

This policy is to be thoroughly communicated to all employees.

– Sanwa Kotsu Corp. General Headquarters”

The company has used rather clinical, complicated language in a clever way, but basically what they are trying to say is “Taxi drivers, please don’t lick your finger when counting bills.” “Office workers, please don’t lick your finger when handling documents.” “It’s offputting and unsanitary.”

This is not in response to any customer complaints. The company was just being proactive. However, numerous netizens have already thanked them:
“And the library too.”
“I wish my company would put out a notice like this.”
“Such an elegant way of phrasing the new rule.”
“There seriously are some taxi drivers who slobber all over their fingers before they give you your change. I haven’t encountered any Sanwa drivers who do that though.”

Sanwa also has a taxi cab archery campaign. Presumably the no-saliva rule will apply to the crossbows it gives its customers, as well.