JapanIt’s a Sponge…Cake!

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Takahiro Shibata (Twitter username: @iine_piroshiki), a Japanese artist, has created an extremely lifelike sponge cake that looks like a sponge. “When I tried to bake green and yellow sponge cake and stack them on top of each other, I was able to make a sponge that was better than imagined,” he wrote on Twitter. He posted a picture and the aforementioned Tweet at 7:50 PM on December 20, 2019. Here is what his sponge cake ended up looking like:

Japan sponge cake artwork by artist Takahiro Shibata

It got 311,000 likes on Twitter. 85,100 people were “talking about this.”

It looks like a standard bathroom or kitchen sponge. His attention to detail is amazing. The top part is somewhat rough. The bottom part is more porous. He has used cream to simulate a cleaning product, and has even gotten little bits of cream all over the top layer to look like it has been used to scrub with Scrubbing Bubbles.

Various netizens wrote their opinions on Twitter:
“Imagine watching someone eating this, not knowing it was cake….”
“My stomach doesn’t know what to do.”
“No matter how I try, my brain cannot accept that it’s food. I wonder why?”
“The cream looks like soap bubbles.”
“The green part looking well-used makes it even more realistic.”
“This deserves some sort of award.”

Takahiro Shibata has also created many other beautiful objects. For example, he made an assortment of vegetable and fruit peels using resin:

Japan fruit and vegetable peels artwork in resin by Takahiro Shibata

He also made a small sculpture of an ear of half-eaten baby corn. He made it out of wheat flour:

Japan baby corn in wheat flour artwork by Takahiro Shibata

(the images all come from Takahiro Shibata’s Twitter feed)