JapanKotatsu for Cats Allows Your Pet Cats to Chill Out During the Cold Season, Like Japanese Humans Do

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The miniature furniture, which is just the right size for cats, also comes with treats for their human owners.

It’s December, and winter will start soon. Now people can enjoy winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing. They can attend public events held in winter. The Sapporo Snow Festival or Christmas “illumination” shows come to mind. Or would you rather just get through the winter as toasty as possible, and not go out so much? Would you prefer to stay home, sitting at a kotatsu? Basically, a kotatsu is a type of Japanese furniture—a table with a blanket to serve as insulation for your legs, with a heater underneath. Would you like to spend your time under one of those, nice and warm, and wait for the warmer weather to come?

The “Chicken Nakata” company, which is headquartered in Wakayama-ken, has created a kotatsu so that your cat or cats can enjoy the same pleasure!

Chicken Nakata is actually not a furniture company, but a food company! Unbelievable, right?! They sell numerous food products. One product available from them is mikans. Mikans are Mandarin oranges, for which Wakayama-ken is famous. They hit the pinnacle of their deliciousness during the winter. You can sit with your legs nice and warm under a kotatsu and eat mikans. However, after parking yourself at a kotatsu, it’s very unlikely you’ll want to get up and fetch mikans, so be sure to bring enough when you first sit down! The president of Chicken Nakata loves cats. He announced that he wanted to sell “mikans for people who like cats.”

Therefore, someone at Chicken Nakata had the idea of selling bundles of five kilograms of mikans (which is about 11 pounds) together with a kitty kotatsu!

2019 isn’t the first year in which this kotatsu has been offered. It was offered previously, but the quantities were very limited and it was a little bit low-to-the-ground and not as sturdily constructed as it could’ve been, yet, it still sold out almost immediately (there were only 1,000 of them). This year’s model, in accordance with requests from customers, is higher off the ground, sturdier, and available in larger quantities to satisfy a public that is demanding more of them! Another thing to note is that neither the old nor the new model have a heater. This is probably better for your cat, because sitting by a heater too long can cause low-temperature burns in both cats and humans.

The bundle is called “Neko to Kotatsu to Omoide Mikan.” It literally means “Cat and Kotatsu [Japanese Heated Table] and Memories Mikans.” It definitely translates in an odd fashion. The price is ¥4,236. In US dollars, this is $39.03. One can buy it directly from Chicken Nakata, or from Rakuten. It is also available on Amazon, but for the much higher price of ¥5,380, which is $49.58 in US dollars.

The question people might ask themselves is: “What am I really buying? Am I buying five kilograms of mikans with a free kotatsu for my cat, or am I buying a kotatsu for my cat with five kilograms of free mikans?” From the perspective of someone mainly interested in the kotatsu, maybe the mikans just sweeten the pot. Sweeten the nabe hotpot? Well, maybe those two things are best kept separate, but you get the point.

The images in this article came from PR Times and Chicken Nakata.