Real estateAverage of 29.5 million JPY for renovation costs in 2018, according to HomePro research

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HomePro (Chuo-ku, Tokyo), which operates in home improvement services, has recently announced the results of their 2018 user data survey. According to the study, the average cost of remodeling has decreased by 90,000 yen from the previous year to 2,095,000 yen. The amount for apartments was 19.45 million yen, while the detached house gravitated towards 218.1 million yen, with a difference of 236,000 yen between the two.

 In regards to the reasons behind using services from a renovation company, 70.2% agreed on “the content from plan/proposal”, 69.2% were “convinced by the estimated amount”, 63.1% chose “speed of correspondence” and 62.9% picked “professionalism/attitude (of the company)”. In terms of expenses, for a renovation around 500,000 yen, “confirmation of estimated price” (72.1%) and “Quick response” (64.3%) are placed higher in the ranking, whereas, in large-scale renovations of 5 million yen or more, there were many people who cited “planning and advising ” (84.8%) and “mannerism and attitude” (70.3%) and the qualifications of the person in charge as defining elements.

 More specifically, good qualities include “personality and presentation skills of the person in charge” (30.3%), “polite response” (17.9%), “approval of price” (12.1%) which shows a preference for the character of the person in charge rather than the pricing of the service.

 The remodeled parts were mostly “bathroom and bath” (28.2%), “toilet” (24.0%), and “kitchen” (21.7%), and the plumbing system. The highest ranking at 30.4% involved properties of 31 years old or more with an increased ratio of 3.4 points from the previous year.

 After signing the contract with the agency, the average number of days it took to complete the renovation was 61.6. The estimate by cost was 30.5 days for “less than 500,000 yen”, 64.8 days for “500,000 yen or more and less than 5 million yen”, and 144.8 days for expenses of “5 million yen or more”.

 More details can be found on HousePro’s original report here .

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