Real estateInterim Report On “New Comprehensive Land Policy”

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The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism released an interim report for the formulation of a new comprehensive land policy at the Planning Section of the Land Policy Subcommittee on the 26th.

The Council reopened in July 2018 to amend the Basic Law on Land enacted during the Bubble Period (late ’80s and early ’90s) and formulate policies that address a society with a declining population.

According to the Interim Report, regional revitalization and ensuring sustainability have become even more important as the problem of land with unknown owners and the problem of unmanaged land emerged. Recognition of disaster prevention and mitigation and prevention of external diseconomics in the region is a future land policy issue, and it has been decided to resolve these issues.

Specifically, in promoting regional development and community development that will lead to economic growth, regional revitalization, and sustainability, the government has decided to “create, stimulate, and manifest land demand.” In addition, “Promote proper land management by owners, etc,” and if this is difficult, there is an intention to use and manage the land properly, and to those who can do it, “Transfer the rights related to land smoothly. We will work on it. ”

Based on this, it was suggested that the overall picture of land policy would be restructured, centering on measures to promote land use and management, and “Important measures to be tackled for the time being, such as promoting the distribution of low-value real estate and nationwide development of land banks.”

Based on the interim report, the ministry will review the Basic Land Law by 2020 and work on the formulation of a “new comprehensive land policy” and rebuild the land policy based on the new Basic Land Law.