Real estateNew Mortgage Loans from April to June, ¥4.8 Trillion

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Japan Housing Finance Agency announced on April 4 new mortgage loans by business category for the period April to June 2019.

New mortgage loans at major financial institutions during the period amounted to ¥4.8 trillion (up 2.1% year-on-year). The breakdown is highest for domestic banks at ¥3.3 trillion (up 2.4%). Next, “Flat 35 (mortgages)” by the Japan Housing Finance Agency, was ¥524.8 billion (down 3.6%), the Labour Bank organization (similar to a credit union) was ¥503.3 billion (up 9.7%), and shinkin banks (cooperative regional financial institutions for deposits) were ¥350.4 billion (down 5.6%). The largest increase was in housing finance companies, etc., at ¥80.3 billion (up 37.9%).