Real estateReal Estate Income Is Solid/Japan Management Center FY2019 (December)

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Japan Management Center Co., Ltd. announced on December 10 the financial results for the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2019 (consolidated).

For that fiscal year (January 1, 2019-December 31, 2020), sales were 43.302 billion yen (up 0.4% year on year), operating income was 2.202 billion yen (down 22.9%), and ordinary income was 2.213 billion yen yen (down 22.5%). Net income of was ¥1.506 billion (down 22.6%). SG & A expenses increased due to increased IT investment to achieve the medium-term management plan.

Real estate revenues are steadily increasing as a result of aggressive proposals for leasing by real estate owners. The total number of managed properties is 84,330 (an increase of 9,245 from the end of the previous fiscal year). The number of affiliated businesses is 566 for architectural partners (down 30), 702 for real estate (up 4), and 129 for nursing care (up 18). As a result, real estate revenue was 40.922 billion yen (up 4.0% from the previous year), of which 432 million yen (down 13.3%) was from member businesses.

In the next fiscal year, sales are expected to be ¥46.8 billion. Operating income is expected to be ¥2.6 billion, ordinary income ¥2.6 billion, and net income ¥1.765 billion.