Real estateEliminating illegal properties by converting the public housing database

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Since the recognition of illegal private residences -operated without notifying the municipality- has been officialised, the Tourism Agency will work on eliminating illegal properties by making a database of properties where notification has been properly made and sharing it with the real estate agencies.

In the case of listing a private residence, it is mandatory to notify the municipality, but in the survey of the tourism agency as of the end of September last year, among the 40,000 and more properties posted on the brokerage websites, 16% were suspected of being illegal.

For these reasons, the Tourism Agency has decided to create a database with a  list of houses that were properly recognised in accordance with the Law such as the New Housing Act and the Ryokan Industry Law.

The database is planned to be completed next month, shared with the business operator of brokerage sites.

The Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism said at a news conference after the Cabinet meeting that “We believe it will be possible to improve the efficiency and accuracy of checking illegitimate properties with this countermeasure. We will continue to take countermeasures against illegal people’s stay, I wish to put my efforts into eliminating this issue.”

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