UncategorizedSony Interactive Entertainment Registers Japanese Trademarks for PlayStations 6 Through 10

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Have you ever wondered if you might someday have a PS10? Sony Interactive Entertainment is preparing for that.

In Japan, Sony has applied for the trademarks for “PS6” through “PS10.” Sony has been known to do things like this before, but planning ahead this far is unusual, even for Sony. Of course, it’s possible that there might not be a PS8, PS9, or PS10, but even so, Sony is trying to make sure they have their bases covered just in case there are. The numbering system hasn’t changed since the PlayStation 2 (PS2) was released in 2000.

Actually, the scheme of “PS” plus a number has been in place since 2000, and is continuing with the PlayStation 5 (PS5), set to be released in 2020. Don’t get too excited, though. This is actually relatively common in the business world. Objectively-speaking, it’s a little bit weird to imagine Sony planning out a product line that could stretch decades into the future, with the next five consoles after the PS5 already planned out. It’s like reading forum posts written by Sony fanboys who are making wild claims that PlayStation will go on forever. At times, though, for the consoles we love, it can really appear like that, and who knows, it might even turn out that way.

In the recent past, it would’ve been surprising to know that there’d be a PlayStation 5. Next year, both the PS5 and the next iteration of the XBOX will be released. 2020 is set to be an amazing year for gamers. With any luck, maybe we’ll get a PS5, PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10. The future looks bright, and we have something to look forward to.

What are your thoughts? Could Sony really go all the way to a PS10? It’s too early to tell. The future is just ahead, anyhow. Time flies, and before you know it, it’ll be here.